New Discovery: 3 Steps Required to Permanent Residency Via Canadian Experience Class -(CEC)

          by Olagoke Dotun
            Lekki | APRIL 21, 2022

Am Olagoke Dotun, a travel guardian and counsellor. As well the author of a widely read online travel publication on Canada Permanent Resident program. That resulted into over 50'000 email subscribers and 4'150 email inquires

Where I have hundreds of them who choose to follow my recommendation, guardian and counselling. Which later turn them to the ones recommending me to love once, after achieving their goals

Just to share a few of the tons of success and feedbacks received, after that last trend. That treated basically Express & Provincial entry system. Which some couldn't process through due to some of the factors required to meet up.

But couldn't as a result of factors obstacles like age, good Ielts result, education, working experience, Canadian connection, finances, etc.. 

Which I have been able to help discover how to effortlessly through

The Three Step Required to Permanent Residency via Canadian Experience Class, Which Are ;

1. Become a Legitimate/Legalized Canadian Resident:;

This can only be achieved being on a study permit visa. Which is a temporary stay permit visa with same benefits to the permanent visa status. That allows you to live, work and study in Canada with your family if any.

To achieve this, there is no age limitation, no Ielts required, cheaper to other routes. Achievable with any educational certificate above O'level for a diploma, advance diploma, PGD, Masters, Dr., or Ph.D., certificates courses in Canada.

Also a scholarship advantage availability for all applicants irrespective of first degree grade. Which access to the right information can help to achieve, while the main expenses stated below should be the important expense to look into if it affordable?


With that main expenses affordable, right ? Then, consider this pathway fit and perfect. Let move to the step two... 

2. Transition to Working Permit: 

On completion of studies, there is an automatic previlege to submit for an extend of stay. Which transits your status to a working permit known now as PGWP- Post Graduate Working Permit.  

It an automatic approval for a successful student applicant. Who can show his completion of the educational offer that brought him into Canada. Which will give him another 3years full time working visa under the PGWP, IRCC law including other members of the family (children and partner). 

While on this PGWP visa status with a year, in Canada. You can move to the final step ...   

3. Application For Permanent Resident :

After staying a year on PGWP status now, you can now start applying for your permanent resident under the Canadian Experience Class

Haven studied and live in Canada legally for over two years. Qualifies you to apply through any of the close to 80 routes most non resident applicants struggle for like;

Express entry, Provincial entry, Agricultural pilot, Rural/North pilot, Atlantic pilot, Tech pilot, etc

If you notice, most of all these programs are employment driven. Which the primary goal by the provinces/communities that offers them is to have people already in Canada without permanent residency come over to settle in their communities and provinces.

But, still open to non resident with so much conditions most non residency find tough to meet. Like getting a job offer, Canadian education, residence, Canadian connection (i.e.)  having family/relative in Canada as reference, etc. 

But a legally resident applicants in Canada, can appear in person for a job, present Canadian education and experience as proof connection, can even move to the community/province you know you want to apply for PR through them.

Above all working visa processing for non resident takes over a year according to the IRCC latest visa processing time update below.  

Which some agents will promise their victims few weeks for on your own  

Logically following this, is it possible an employer leave a job offer open for a non-resident applicants for over a year ? When many are already in Canada applying under the Canadian experience class ready to resume immediately, if offered the job.

Against, where the company needs some special documentation/government approvals etc. to send for visa approval for non resident. Which most times cost them some money and stress to achieve. 

Some of all these little information most applicants lack, that leads them to fall a victim of agents for a job offer that is not possible or not existing. 

Very Important Tip For All Applicants :

If an applicant travel to Canada on a resident permit from Nigeria. His prone to first be jobless. or engage in menial/odd jobs to survive for long. Which is why some amounts are require as proof of funding when Invitation to Apply Letter arrive.

Meaning, proof to show he can live comfortably for close to year provided he doesn't get a good job. Which is relatively same amount a study visa applicant will need to show if he has no scholarship.

Note: You're to proof you ve it not that you ll pay it  

And here is where study visa is far better, you could get fully or partly scholarship or funding at any first degree result grading. Even get a long term loan, offered by some of the international organizations only for students.

So, until a direct resident from Nigeria upgrade his Nigerian certificate. Which gives him the same Canadian education and experience of haven live in Canada over some years. Which someone who entered as a student from Nigeria through study route have already, getting a due and desired white collar job may not be possible.

This is a golden tip, to know and understand how powerful having a Canadian Education and Experience can be towards any applicant achieving their real life dream in Canada as a Permanent Resident.

So, while go through all the headaches? When the Canadian Experience Class route is widely open, that you start with your study permit processing effortlessly when you get the right information. 

Which ends you up to achieving the same goal with resident permit holder, almost at the same time, both at an average of 3-5years to Canadian Passport. 


Here is why I chose to share this information, many people want to relocate but are clueless on the right information and effortless path to follow. They hear about the study route, only to ignored out no interest in schooling any longer.

Good, you might not want to school again, but with Canada as your choice ? Canadian education is important to live happily, irrespective of the route. Now much easier, if you take the study route as explained above to make it easy and effortlessly.

After considering the main expenses below affordable. While the tuition and living expenses can be optional due to your result & base on the school offer you get on it.

Then I will recommend Seyi Obasi to you, who as worked through the process herself successfully, as well being an ambassador for her school on international students. That led to her helping tons of people as a freelance travel consultant on this unique pathway to permanent residency. 

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Where she shared her story, on how she made it. How she did it to having  two scholarships at same time while processing her application in Nigerian. How she got many more while studying in Canada having her tuition & living expense fully covered.

Chances available for you, classes of scholarships, and difference between scholarship & funding. How to overcome the obstacles created by other routes, etc

Among other unbelievable information she shared on how anyone who can follow a simple instructions, under her guidance and mentorship to achieve the same. Are what you have access to when you click here=>

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One more thing...

In case you are having doubts about if this route will work for you or not, my answer to that is - IT CAN WORK, PROVIDED YOU WORK TOWARDS IT

As long as you follow the simple rules that Seyi explains in the video workshop.

Then, just wait until you see the various testimonies from Seyi's mentees in this video

It is now your decision to make.

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