Here is Why, I Won't Even Advice You Engage A Travel Agent 

. . .A Nigerian Visa Applicant Experience

That Could Happen to Anyone

by Dotun Olagoke
Lekki | Jun 09, 2023

In 2014 I paid an agent friend for my USA visa application who insisted I appear as medical personnel. But I studied English language and literary studies.


Giving the point they hardly refuse medical personnel. When I was arguing with him, he turned it around against me. Saying should I know better, I should have gone ahead on my own.     


At that point, I have no option than to concede to him. So, I played along prepare to appear as medical personnel, dentist to be specific.


Then we left Lagos to Abuja US embassy for the visa interview section held with a white lady consular. Initially, she looks partially okay with my response to all the questions asked.  


After a long pause, she asked some other question now related to the invitee who happens to be a fake(arranged), uncle.


Even though, the reason given in related to my fake uncle was not justifiable to me. That since my fake uncle got to the US to study and later stayed back. I will likely do the same, in that case, she is not comfortable granting me the entry visa.


That was how I left Abuja for Lagos without the visa. And I couldn't reapply or appeal because my agent friend have guided me to use false information about myself.    


My concerns now are;

 ? It over 6years, will they still have my records?

Yes, that is why embassies do biometrics taking applicants' fingerprints. Use to store and to pull applicant information in the embassies.

 ? Does it make sense, to write a letter confessing the truth?

Confession can only complicate the issue tagging the applicant a desperate traveler, which embassies always try to avoid giving an entry visa. That could lead to absolute ban for trying to beat the system.

?  Even thou, I don’t have plans to visit the country, USA anytime soon. Still never can tell, a situation might warrant it. Scholarship, job offer, or a privilege on a platter of gold. What can I do?

Three options;

To go ahead with information already with the embassy if it will work with the privilege at hand. Which in most cases not, like the case study below 

Lastly, is to risk pushing through the application while the embassy discovers the discrepancy itself through the fingerprint that could lead to a total visa ban. Like the case study below from also another follower;

Forgo the privilege because the initially submitted data at the embassy can't match the new real data.

Those were my replies as an advice to him as a travel guardian & counselor with over two decades experience in travel related matters & industry. Which one of my newsletter readers confide in me about, that I know many people have experienced, about to, and can avoid if not yet.  

Which was used to educate people sometime ago, on why you shouldn't all depend on a third party, agents to help you handle your visa application. Without being well informed with a good understanding of the process to avoid such situation.     

Even, if you're so busy to handle it yourself. You'll have a deep knowledge not to just be push around by these unprofessional people, whose primary goal is just to have you pay them. Take advantage of your ignorance with carefree attitude of what could happen to you if all the false information & arrangements put together for you didnt work out. 

Many more applicants who as being ignorant of process, that led to them fallen a victim of the term and act call  travel visa package by agents. Further share below :

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