The "All Perfect Business Model" All Aspiring Business Owners Should Know About 

by OLAGOKE DOTUN | May 14, 2019 |5 mins read

When the thought of business comes to mind .


The following gives a lot of people headache and concern; 


Capital - how to raise the needed capital ?


If you can afford a minimum of #50'000 you are good to go on this .


Time - am a busy type, have little or no time to run a business but love to have one .


Worry not, this is going to require just 2-3 hours of your time daily with high ROI potential .


Competition - I don't have the strenght and skills to fight the competitors in business .


Once, they see my concept booming they rush at it try to hyjack the business .

Here competition is non existence at all and you are the all in all .


Skill - non availability of time to learn new things.


Amazingly, there is nothing new in this just the traditional trading of buying low and selling higher.


Expansion - with this model you have a business that is boarderless which is even operational from any choosen corner of your house apartment .


Risk - am afraid of losing my money as well theft to employed workers and burglary .


Such can't happen as you've real value for your money which also give you 100% control of your business to prevent all risk .


Location - getting a very good location to have patronage ?


No need of office structure, you can work it from home even thou this is not network marketing .


Are you surprise that a business model exist that have all these worries sorted and handled ?


Here is how I know; 


In 2016, a friend came across an advert running continuiously on a popular blogging platform ( Linda Ikeji ) a very expensive platform to run a paid advert .


What the advertiser was selling gave him a serious concern to why would someone be spending some much on advert to sell a waist trimmer.

This advert ran for 13days at #50'000 per day on the platform .


 That is #50'000 x 13days = #650'000 . 


This prompted him to dig deep into knowing more about what the woman was selling and what is actually special about it to be pushing it with such amount .


After his deep research, it came to his knowledge the advisertiser is operating in the eCommerce also known as Mini - Importation business industry.


This is a huge business industry estimated to worth $22.1 trillion globally, $75 billion in Africa and $13 billion which is #4.5 trillion in Nigeria only .


The economic times and leadership Nigeria online newspaper could affirm this fact as shown below 

That should show you why the likes of jumia and konga are making waves here in Nigeria and expanding out of Nigeria. Even thou, you don't need the huge human and capital resources invested these big companies.


With a little capital of about #20'000, 2-3hours daily irrespective of what you do. You are very good to start after being well informed and updated about the operational dynamics of business.


Where you can deal in selling items like shoes, cream, makeup kits, watches, clothings, computers and accessories, phones and accessories , car accessories, kitchen utensils  etc  


Which you can buy extremely at a low rate from china, Hong kong and some other countries to sell here in Nigeria at 10,15 or 20times the cost prices . 


To drive home my point,


Can you believe the woman in question got the waist trimmer at the rate of $2 (#700) selling here in Nigeria at #15'000 have a pure net profit of #10'000 on each.


If only 10 pieces was sold in a day that is on a poor sales day with a profit margin of #10'000 on each bet after deducting advert,shipping among other expenses incured on it .


The daily profit breakdown will be #10'000profit x 10pieces = #100'000 daily net profit.

What if she sell 15pieces or 20pieces per day ? That is going to be #150'000 or #200'000 net profit for that day.


All this discoveries prompted him to seek further information, deep knowledge and skill about the business all within a month that landed him his first #305'000 pure profit in his first order trail .


Using #45'000 (all expense inclusive) to import 90pieces of a beauty product at the total cost price of #500 each .


His astonishment over this result, made him to share this his new discovery with few of us his allie . 


Which one of us also benefited having a return of #1.6m from a product worth of #150'000(all expense inclusive) he imported. 


Another thing to notice about this business is that what is being sold by participants are things "People spend a lot of money every year on physical products and that is why companies like Jumia & Konga are growing FAT every day" .


 So it logical for you to sell whatever you import when you are well informed and knowledgable enough about the business and industry .


Which basically stood on understanding deep down these 3 Major Principles ;


 Searching for physical products that solve problems for people or helps them get closer to their desires mostly from China,Hong kong etc 

Example: DRAWER LOCK, which is protection against child free access to it .


A baby who sees his/her mother pull a blade out of it while making up might want to do the same or toy with it someday when nobody is around there .


Or go there to mess up things worth thousands of naira or valuable even worse wound him/herself with the blade . 


That is a short story of a family whose child eat a blade pulled from a drawer of such .


Now, how many caring parents will hear this story or made to realise these said and you present this lock as solution that will say YES to it ?


Did you say many ? ....that is your money .

 Buying the products at the lowest cost possible and importing them to Nigeria


This is of two types - lower and hyper lower both of top most quality but sourcing channels makes the difference.

See below for what am saying :

Pic 1, shows same product offered at $10.06 from source A and 9.40yen from source B which amounted to $1.41 from same country, same quality but different source .


Pic 2, same applies showing one source giving it own at $10.13 while the other gives same at $0.50 .


Am sure you will accept if two people buys to resell from these two sources, they won't be making same profit .


That is the power of right information and guide .




 Selling the products using a genius marketing method for a good return whereby you have the type of results and patronage shown in the diagram below 


This is an online selling system make buyers chase you around to buy your products not the other round known that you be begging and chasing buyers with what you have to sell .

Once you setup the online automated system under 2- 3hours a day . You are very good to get busy with any other thing you desire to do. While that uncomplicated online system look for buyers, sell to them, collect the money on your behalf  while you only pick up the product for delivery to the buyer .

These are just the basic guide and information needed to be understood by interested person in the Smart eCommerce also known as mini importation business .


If your interest level is high as a person, who will also like to acquire the quality knowledge that delivered my friends result through the same person that guided and mentored them, 


Who as made a full blown training session online for limit numbers of people. To access the training, 


Click HERE to get Access to a FREE Detailed Training Session by Same coach and mentor 

One more thing 


Should you be thinking if this business model will work for you or not ?


My answer is, definitely it can work if you put in what it takes to make it work .


Which is getting the right information, knowledge and guide about it which evolves round the three mentioned principles above.


And above all,  follow the simple rules and guide Mr. Jonathan shared in his FREE VIDEO TRAINING SESSION HERE.


Finally, if you look indepth this is an improved form of traditional trading business which is buying low to selling higher  .


Click Here for your Access to the Training 


Dotun .


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