PERMANENT RESIDENCY: How to Relocate The Entire Family to Canada Through The Study Route

by Dotun Goke
Lekki | May 21, 2023

Do you also wish you could relocate with your entire family along with you via study route to Canada ?

Are you of the thought, that relocating via study can't allow the entire family to apply and move at once ?

We could say there is possibilities following some feedbacks we had below; 

Which require following the three clear steps below:

Step 1-

Either, the father or mother have to get admission to study in Canada .

Step 2-

The spouse with admission apply for a study visa for himself/herself and the other partner, or themselves and kid(s), or the entire family husband/wife and kid(s)

Step 3-

The man or woman who is admitted gets the study visa that allows part-time work, the partner is given an open full-time work permit, and the kids get a temporary stay visa that allow them to study in primary or secondary school in Canada for free.

And No IELTS exams are required, but to get started right, you need a Yes/No answer to some qualification questions you can access here ????????

That will give you edge way to get details of how to achieve this, without going through a travel agent. These are some conditions to meet, which are in the form of Yes / No questions you can access here ???? ????

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