The Key to Growing Your Income...FAST!

by DOTUN OLAGOKE  | March 31, 2020

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This post isn't about how to become rich or wealthy.  


Becoming rich or wealthy is a "long thing" with its own set of rules


That many people will not be ready to play by .


This post is about how an income can be grown to a point where you have what I call "Enough Income"  


My definition of "Enough Income" is an income that makes it easy to...


  - Have a savings.

  - Make an investment.

  - Pay your bills conveniently.

  - And still, have enough to enjoy life.  


Here is an example.  


Assuming you make #500,000 a month ..... as someone staying in Lagos.   


From the #500'000 you can easily save #100,000 a month.


That can make it possible for you to quickly save up to a huge amount of money


Which you can invest into another profitable venture (E.g) Real Estate, other business of choice etc 


Another #50,000 could easily be saved for emergencies purpose .  


#150,000 should cover your monthly bills (Food, fuel, Accommodation, etc) for the month .  


That will possibly leave you with #200,000 which could go into whatever suits you (School fees, vacations etc)  


Or all this could be adjusted to the budget based on your lifestyle.


But this can only happen if you are getting "Enough Income" which most people are not getting.


Truth is, most people are barely surviving in today’s economy call "survival economy"


While very few are taking advantage of the trend   


To make "Enough Money" to live the kind of life they desire for themselves . 


So, how come many are not getting Enough Income ?


I could give you 10 reasons but there is ONE reason that is most important 


And that is the simple fact that .....


You are not doing anything practical that can give you Enough Income


Majority of people do not get enough income because they keep doing things like :   


   - SAVING: Duh! How does saving out of little income get someone more money?  


I won’t agree because I see savers to be losers simply because


Saving money in an unstable economy makes the saver lose its value.


What you value to worth #10’000 today will value #13’000 or more tomorrow if not instantly acquired. 


   - PAY TITHE: Paying tithe is good but it won't give you more money. If you like to argue now till tomorrow. 


   - GET a 2ND JOB: Haba! You are still riding the "I can't control the income wheel" with this step. 


   - PRAYER: This is a delicate one but the truth is - Prayer is a great weapon.


But prayer won't directly bring money into your bank account.    


Many poor people pray a lot for money.  


How come money is not dropping into their account? 


That is because God is not a respecter of man.


Whatsoever a man sows, that he shall also reap says in the scripture. 


If you want cocoa trees to grow on land, for instance, you can pray all you like


And nothing will happen until you get some cocoa seeds, plant them and nuture them. 


It is the same thing that is applicable with making money, and Enough Money for that matter . 


If you want money, you should do what will bring you money. 


What prayer will bring instead, are ideas and insights that will help you


If you're smart to see and apply them . Maybe that is why you are reading this, so I will say ; 


  - START a BUSINESS:  Starting a business all by itself won't make you more money. 


There are plenty of people out there who starts a business


Because they want more income and they are still struggling.  


The best way I know of to get "Enough Income" is to start what I call a High ROI Business. 


What is a High ROI Business 


Remember when I said, "Starting a business all by itself won't make you more money" .


That is because what most people start are normal low-profit/income businesses


That also require a lot of money to get them started in the business . 


(E.G) many think of starting a business and what they think of is getting a capital and an office/shop. 


Thou, there is no business that doesn’t require capital,


But the need to get a shop/office when you're just starting a business might not be necessary .


As the cost of it are mostly more than the capital they use in running the business.


And what they discover doing is just servicing the shop/office by paying the owner year in year out


The business profit return is low  and as well come to realise all their life activities


Evolves round the shop/office without having something reasonable to show to for it.


The issue of someone in that condition is that they are following the outdated trend in business. 


But in the case of High ROI Businesses am talking about here .... It completely different !


Most High ROI Businesses can be started with small capital without a shop/office.


Yet, they can produce very high returns if done right with the right information of how .   


Hence the name:    High ROI I have been saying means "High Return on Investment/Capital


Majority of people don't know about these High ROI Businesses .


Because they are not the type of businesses that people talk about around 


And you have not possibly positioned yourself to hear about it due to one reason or the other . 


To have being reading this now, I will congratulate you as I will be sharing one with you


Which I have personally have being experiencing for a couple of months now,


That as also proven to me personally that the business works and it truly HIGH ROI Business .


It is called AFFILIATE BUSINESS; this business model allows you access to sell Products or Services 


Owned by someone else which can be in form of a Physical or Digital products or services 


For a good share of the sales which mostly is from 50% upward in most cases


With your exclusion in the delivery or how the buyer access the product or service . 


Below shows a typical example of such business in respect to what happened 


When I got to know about it and I took my time to attend the online training class


With a prior experience and knowledge about it.


Only will the goal and motive of trying to improve my finances and income as a family man . 

This I was able to achieve in my first month in the business


Recommending a product that pays #8'500 PER sales mainly


And some other products from the comfort of my home while still doing other things .


With the aim to improve my income and finances to meet my desire goal for my family .


When I saw a post about it online just like you are reading now.


I followed through, see the training and sign up for the advance class as it picks my interest 


Which took me Two weeks to understudy it despite being a slow learner (yours could faster)


And without prior experience in it or things that as to do with online business or computer . 


Another person who also came on board almost the same time to the advance class

Shared similar experience, to his story also changing after few weeks of taking the classes . 

Fast forward as at today 31st of March, 2020 which exclude Novermber 2019 - January 2020.


Which I have got busy doing something else without pushing for any sales on the platform


Below is what my all time sales of about 8 active months of pushing for sales as resulted into .  

Haven being able to achieve this within this short period of time, you need to know  


Getting results at whatever you desire all depends on Information, Knowledge and Time you input into it . 


Above all, who Mentored you. If you are open to this knowledge of Automated Income Generator 


I will be glad to take you through the path I went through simply by allowing you access 


To the same training program and mentorship class offered by my coach Mr. Toyin Omotoso 


Which you can access by Click Here to sign up for -  7 Steps to a No-Fail Income System that Can Help You Generate #400'000/Month  

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