How to Use Canadian Experience to Achieve Permanent Resident, Leaving Nigeria Without IELTS, or Paying Any Agents Kobo.

by Dotun Olagoke
Lekki | Feb. 20, 2021

The Feb,13th 2021 news of CICNEWS of 27'332 candidates invited by IRCC to apply for their Canadian permanent resident was the eyes opener to the path responsible for these applicants qualification.

Aside from this was a grand breaking record in the history of the program. It also paves the way to the understanding of how well-positioned, people on this path are over others on a different pathway to Canadian permanent resident.

And the discovery of how this is achievable for aspiring applicants for the permanent resident now will be exposed without a Canadian connection, Age, Educational status, Working experience, or IELTS among other factors that could be the source of worries or concern now.

Possibly you are reading from me for the first time. Am Dotun Olagoke, a Travel Education Consultant. With the sole purpose of educating and guiding interested people on their travel plans to relocate to Canada.

Haven published a series of helpful content on this path that people engaged with, which brought about receiving 4’150 emails from these people.

Many of them went ahead with my recommendation on information that could help make an informed decision on their relocation plans. That brought about few of the many gratitude received for making the information available which would prevent them from unfair charges of agents as below ;

As a Result of This Feedback

Some obstacles arise for a group of applicants that brought about this trend. That provides the solution which can help these applicants to achieve their Canadian permanent resident goal in no time without the headache as it applies to those not affected by it.

Now, learning From Tunde’s Experience,

Similar to this group of applicants. Who for 8years while in Nigeria struggle for the qualifying CRS for his Canadian Permanent Resident permit processing.

That made him writing the IELTS to the count of 9, applied to the varsity for more certification to earn more points. Forget as he gets older, 5points are gone from the existing insufficient CRS points.


While still, the qualifying points kept on increasing with each monthly announcement of the qualifying points .

Before realizing age was not on his side again, to make him a good fit for the Express entry program being already above 35years of age. While as a Provincial entry applicant, getting a Canadian connection was a problem due to no family or friends in Canada.

That made him skeptical about his Canadian dreams coming to reality. The dream of having to live and grow his family in an organized environment with a working system that makes life meaningful, promising, and bearable for personal growth and development that gives a predictable future.

While Think of a Solution,

Haven concluded a travel agent has no solutions due to his loss of over #2million to a few of them at the early stage of his relocation plans.

He ran into an online post where he realized the better chances open for applicants with Canadian Experience Class. And how enough points to cover the current prevailing almost 500 CRS can be achieved irrespective of ageeducate and without IELTS or Canadian connection.

That is the Information he Worked on

That is the information he worked on with a cousin Mr. Seun Johnson a renowned travel education consultant like myself with over 13’000 followers and email readers on travel matters.

They further research together for over 20months to arrive at a proven process Tunde can use to move.

Now, Tunde has a case study and experiment that has now successfully relocated his family to Canada without IELTS and got his permanent resident through this Canadian Experience loophole.

​With Seun that follows suit with family, shared this already documented template, has a travel education consultant with Mr. Dan.

A two different masters' degree holder, at 42 years of age that is struggling with IELTS score and lack of Canadian connection to achieve his Canadian dreams also getting it right, relocate his family to Canada.

That Prompted Him to Feel That

In as much they can achieve this without most applicants headaches and concerns which, are ageeducationIELTS score, or Canadian connection .

Any willing applicant should be able to do the same if given access to the same documented template as that of Mr. Dan. at the current 50% discounted rate offer, Which Mr. Seun also talk more about in an explicit 13mins video presentation here =>

Where he Also Outlined ;

​This is one of the reasons why I highly recommend this business model.

I also recommend the Smart E-commerce business model because:

  • How to skip IELTS to relocate to Canada legitimately.
  • How this pathway is a better-positioned pathway for applicants.
  • Solution to 5 obstacles face by most Canadian permanent resident applicants.
  • 2 problems faced by most new immigrants into Canada with express and provincial entry system.
  • What better position this pathway much better to the Express/Provincial entry system as a foreign applicant.
  • How applicants on this pathway to Canada make it difficult for applicants going through other routes to permanent resident.

And many more, you will learn and discover in the video presentation what is meant to help you make an informed decision on the documented template used by Mr. Dan at the current 50% discount rate offer accessible by Clicking Here or Get The Video Training Button below.

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